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VAAL PAYATTU (Sword ) (Individual Performance Event)
This is a skill which mesmerizes the spectator through the mastery of its in performer handling sword weapon through systematic training with complete concentration. This is a hallmark of Kalaripayattu.
URUMI (Flexible Sword - (Individual Performance Event)
This showcases the enthusiasm confidence, mental power and Valerie of a Kalari master. It requires perfect physical balance and coordination .It demands quick comprehension of the action of the opponent and adept precise limb movements on the part of the performer in self defence.
NEDUVADIPAYATTU (STICK FIGHT) -(Team Performance Event) (Two person)
This is an area where the master of Kalari exhibit, express their coordination, perfection mental strength and swiftness against their opponent using stick it gives enough room for creativity to the performer, in the use of the stick.

A technique in Kalari which mystifies the spectators through time bound styles of sword and shield fight, where the strength precision speed co-ordination and Valerie blend in perfect manner. Precision in the use of there is attained through constant practice, harmonious movement of hand and undaunted concentration.

Kalari Events